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Case Studies Requirements and Solutions

Isha Technohub

Isha TechnoHub implements best practices of web design and search engine optimisation so that our clients have industry leading web site as well as achieve their business goals.

I - IT Infrastructure
S - Software, Mobile App and Desktop Applications
H - Http, Web sites and web applications & services
A - Automation, Home and Industry automation

Wizshield - Web App

Online licensing system for wordpress plugins and themes. Developer do not require to add licensing code manually. System should integrate it automatically.

Change360Store - eCommerce

Initially hosted with a third party ecommerce service, client was facing issues with few functions. Custom ecommerce solution with required functionality, secure and speed was desired.

Ayuvidya - SEO

One of the best ayurveda college in US was facing problem to reach students. Area specific search engine optimization was one of the solutions.

HostCoil - Complete solution

HostCoil is hosting provider offering services specially for India. From web app development to emarketing HostCoil wanted single but reliable solution provider.

Just Directory.org